Why Digant

Why Digant

1.Focus On Our Clients
2.Leadership With Integrity
3.Innovative Engineering
4.High Quality Professionals

We at Digant base all our Products & Solutions on following key Objectives

1. Innovative Solutions

2. Most reliable design philosophy

3. High Quality Production

4. Wide technology Expertise

5. Excellent after Sales support

6. End to End Solution Offering.

The above points helps us offer an Unmatched Product / Solution to our customers.

What we do

        We design innovative solutions in various technology domains. Our state of the art products and solutions equip our customers to achieve Excellence in their operations with ease.

        Our focus is in the Automation and M2M / IoT space where our solutions automate and collect important parameters from the customers premises and provide the same in a reliable, consistent, meaningful and secure way to the customers, no matter where they are located. This helps our customers to identify, understand and control their sites more effectively with least resource usage.

Solution verticals addressed:

1. RFID Solutions

2. Telecom passive Infrastructure Solutions

3. Warehouse monitoring solutions

4. IoT Solutions

5. Power generation automation and monitoring solutions

6. OEM solutions

As our solutions are modular and based on M2M technology, we are well poised to provide solutions to almost all industry verticals.

Focused Solutions