TSM Solutions

Welcome to Digant Technologies, your partner for Telecom Automation & Monitoring Solutions!

Introduction to Telecom solutions

We at Digant Technologies, design and manufacture variety of Remote Monitoring and Power Automation solutions for Towercos' site specific requirements.

Digant’s strong in-house design capability of developing robust technology platforms which include – hardware, software, firmware and application system –enable us to offer the World’s best remote monitoring and site automation solutions to the Telecom tower industry.

Our Telecom solutions add immense value to Towercos' tower operations by way of:

1.Reducing unwanted OPEX spend.

OPEX reduction is achieved by increasing the efficiency of the field staff and reduction in downtime penalty, through site automation and remote monitoring.

Accurate real time measurement of electricity and fuel usage at site, which in-turn leads to plugging the energy and fuel pilferage.

2.Reducing multiple times CAPEX spend.

Our Power automation product is designed with the philosophy of increasing the life of the electrical components, which in-turn reduces the replacement cost of the components, and hence increases the bottom line of the customer.

By using the highly advanced Remote Monitoring of the site alarms, and the analytical engine, we are providing preventive maintenance benefit to our customers, which further reduces the cost of CAPEXspend.