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Remote Environment Monitoring Solution

The Remote Environment Monitoring Solution is a high performance solution that monitors 24 / 7, in real time, the temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and various types of gases (like CO2, CO, Ethylene etc.) in cold rooms, ripening chambers, refrigerators, freezers, labs, blood banks, server rooms or any other locations.

It alerts via SMS when any of the parameters rise or falls outside the acceptable range. This real time alerts are also escalated to said escalation level specified, when the defined conditions are exceeded. Thus making the solution full proof and proactive.

The solution has been designed keeping in mind following key points:

1.High accuracy-  The sensors are manufactured in state of the art facilities and come with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability.

2. High availability- The product is equipped with features like self-diagnostics, reporting, and watchdog to self correct, if in case, anything goes wrong.

3. Easy to install and maintain- The Site controller is so designed that it automatically detects various sensors plugged in to it and connects to our server automatically. Thus it is a simple plug and play solution and can be installed and maintained easily.

4. User friendly-  There is no learning curve to start using this solution. This solution makes use of easy to use SMS and email technologies to interface with the user.

5. No IT infrastructure or knowledge required by the users-  This is a web-based solution where application and all the data is maintained on a highly secure server manned 24 / 7 by highly qualified engineers of Digant Technologies in Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore. There is absolutely no need to maintain any computers at the site.

6. Device independent dashboard-  Customer can use a smart phone, iPad or desktop computer to log into the web site to view the dashboard and configure the solution.

7. Analytics-  The data collected and stored on our server can be accessed at any time to do various types of analytics, which can help in finding the root cause for any yield issue or to identify various ways in which the operational efficiency can be improved.

8. Reports-  The solution can send pre-selected reports at the defined periodicity via selected mode like Email.

        The above feature makes this solution proactive, rather than many other solutions that are passive and require 24 / 7 human presence for it to work.

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