OEM Products

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Products for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

Industrial equipment manufacturers have the largest supply chain base for sourcing various components and sub-systems from vendors across the globe. Some products within an equipment, such as Electronics Assemblies, Electrical Assemblies, and Communication Interfaces, form the most critical functionalities to the equipment. While there are plenty of sources available who can supply the required products to the equipment manufacturers, often there is dearth of vendors who can design and develop these products end to end that can meet the real requirement of the equipment manufacturers. This needs a huge amount of in-house design and development competency with tremendous know-how on Electronics, Electrical and Communication Engineering. At Digant Technologies, we are poised to become the choice of vendors for industrial equipment manufacturers for any development of sub-systems that become integral part of the equipment.

Our vast experience in designing and developing mission critical products and solutions to Petroleum industry, and Telecom industry, helped our customers achieve the required Operational Excellency through enhancing their equipment productivity, equipment controls, equipment automation and ease of equipment operations. This way, the value of the industrial equipment is perceived by the market with much higher weightage.

Customer's requirements can be taken up, and studied by Digant, and the design architecture with all the required Power, Signal and Interface features is completed, on a case to case basis. We deliver the in-house designed and developed product to our customers in time, on time and every time with highest quality.