We have categorized our products into four distinct technology verticals, as listed below:

Rugged designs and easy field deployability of these products have given our customers peace of mind and a reason to be our repeat customers. They have also helped us get new customers from across the globe.

Our products are suitable for all types of customers including but not limited to product / equipment manufacturers, software solution developers and end users.

Some of our products are components, which go as a sub-part of our customers' equipment, some are the products which integrate into the customers' software solution, and some are end solutions which involve electronics, firmware and cloud software.

We invite you to explore our products and give us an opportunity to serve your requirement.

In case you do not find our products matching your requirement or you want us to customize any product for you, kindly get in touch with our sales representatives.

RFID Products

RFID products India

Digant is in the RFID products and solutions space since 2006, and is the preferred vendor for RFID solutions and products to worldwide customers, for many identification, tracking and automation solutions. Our product range includes compact RFID reader modules, best suited for PCB mounting and application specific readers, which interface with RS232, USB, Ethernet etc., We provide excellent technical support.

Telecom Solutions

Telecom tower site monitoring

Telecom towers are highly critical infrastructure for any country. We, with our automation products and solutions, ensure that the tower sites are provided with suitable 24/7 power source, keeping the cost of energy lowest possible. We also provide remote control and monitoring of these towers through our cloud solution, which helps tower companies optimize operational cost, reduce penalty and hence increase their bottom line.

IoT Solutions

IoT Solutions

Our IoT (Internet Of Things) solutions, enable our customers to remotely monitor and analyze various site parameters using cloud connected smartphone, tablet or PC. Just in time meaningful information provided to the customers, contributes to their operational Excellence. Our solution monitors Temperature, Humidity, Energy, various Gases etc. Any parameter, which can be measured, can be remotely collected and analyzed by our solution.

OEM Products

Original Equipment of manufacturing

We design and manufacture various sensors and controllers for OEM customers, which equips OEM customers' to implement their Equipments / Machines easily and reliably within their time and cost. Today we are proud to see our solutions being deployed and used world over into various applications. We have proven track record of highly accurate and reliable OEM products, in applications, which are deployed in harsh mission critical environments.